Ray Storch has been working in the craft field for 40 years. He began making and selling political buttons at the Filmore and Avalon Ballroom in 1967. After living in New York and Mexico, Ray came back to the Bay Area and began making macramé wall hangings in the early 70’s.

Ray was one of the original San Francisco Street Artists. He taught himself to enamel and began to include copper enamel decorative beads and pendants to his macramé tapestries. Over several years the emphasis shifted from wall art to copper enamel exclusively, because he preferred the freedom of constantly changing colorful images and working with copper.

Ray’s designs are influenced by his extensive travels in the jungles of Latin America and his love of tropical paradise throughout the world. The art of enameling on copper dates back to ancient Rome and Ray’s creative influences range from Lalique and Tiffany to current comic book art. Ray’s techniques and skills are combined with his deep sense of art and abstract design.

Ray applies crushed glass enamel powder to raw copper surfaces and melts each item in a kiln at 1500 degrees to create the glossy, smooth surface. All designs are hand made; using hand cut stencils individually applied, so each piece is a one of a kind artwork.

Ray’s studio is located in his converted garage at his home in Berkeley, CA. He applies his designs to a variety of products: Plates, Light Switches, Clocks, Thermostats, Dishes, Earrings. Ray also collects vintage comic books, political buttons and 60’s RocknRoll posters.

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